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ORBIT Software including 1-year software maintenance (can only be purchased alongside ZEB Discovery or Discovery kit).

Orbit GT consists of three main modules, Content Manager, Feature Extraction and Publisher with Cloud service.
These packages allow users to capture and manage available 3D data (LiDAR data and imagery), extract a range of features for map production and make data sharable.
All Orbit modules are ready to be used with 3D data from Indoor, Oblique, UAS and Mobile Mapping projects.
There are also other extensions that can be added to the Publisher and Orbit Cloud, like ArcGIS or AutoCAD plugins so that data can be shared and used within mainstream GIS and CAD packages.
GeoSLAM data from the newest ZEB Discovery system can be used within all Orbit modules to provide customers with end to end solution for data managment, map production,
asset inventory and delivery.

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